Take the stress out of playtime

The monthly activity subscription that makes putting seasonal play experiences together easier for parents.



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Love my new
Magic Playbook!
Love my new Magic Playbook! I work full time and am totally fried by the time I get home. It is so nice to have a whole list of activities (all of which my kids have LOVED so far) ready and easy to set up. The complete supply lists and ready printables make planning activities so easy! I don’t have to think and my kids are happy and entertained - everyone wins. It might actually BE magic!

made easy

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Feel overwhelmed?


Access to the Magic Playbook grants you:

+Seasonal activities, crafts & sensory ideas for the month

+A monthly collection of themed printables with directions on how to use them

+An easy to shop supply list 

+A library list & curated screen time ideas 

Every month!

No printer? No problem! You can order your printables from us!

Ready to Begin?

$99 annually

Lock in a full year access to
the Magic Playbook at our introductory offer of only $99!

$11 /monthly

Unlock the magic of NOT having to plan activities for your kids! Over 20 seasonal activities, a supply list, book & screen time suggestions and more!

How It Works

View your digital playbook every month by signing into our online portal. On the 15th you’ll see a new playbook ready for the month ahead.

Access the Playbook

Log onto our membership only digital portal every month.

Get Ready

Each month you’ll find a supply list with easy-to-shop links, printables and a check list to organize your activities. You can also order your prints from us and even one of our coloring posters, too!

Make Magic

In our playbook you’ll find simple crafts, games, sensory experiences, imaginative play, recipes and more – all designed for kids ages 2-6.